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The Club

Title: The Club 1/?
Author: michele0013
Fandom: Crossover, CSI:NY
Rating: R (will be NC-17)
Summary: Danny needed to unwind and finds someone to help him.
Pairings: Danny/?
Characters: Danny Messer, other
Author’s Notes: I hope to write more of this series.

Danny moved around the crowded dark dance floor. It wasn’t often anymore that he was able to escape to one the clubs, not since he screwed up and got Lindsey pregnant, not to mention married her. He still didn’t know what possessed him to ask her to marry him, he didn’t love her but he didn’t want to lose a chance with his child. To be a better father than his father had been. With her working a double and still no baby, he took the night to go out with the ‘boys’.

Lindsey thought he was out with Flack and Adam, but they were both on dates and covering for him. Flack knew what he had planned and didn’t approve but was helping him anyway. Flack never approved of his club hopping. He didn’t have an issue with the Danny’s need for male contact, just worried that he was put himself in danger at some of the more racy clubs.

Adam was just being a good sport, thinking Danny was sneaking off with a girl, not even dreaming that Danny’s prey was something more masculine.

Not sure what he planned totally, Danny’s only goal was to get fucked hard, something to tie him over till after the baby was born and he could go prowling again.

Dancing was always a contact sport, at least at these types of clubs, as large hands gripped his hips and ass, trying to pull him into their grasps. Danny wasn’t exactly resisting, he just wasn’t prepared to stop dancing. Hands squeezed his ass, kneading it the nearly skin tight jeans. Danny wore a green silk shirt that seemed to drive all the men wild.

As yet another hand gripped his hip, Danny was swung around to face a tall dark Latino man with dark bright eyes and a big smile on his face. Danny couldn’t help but grin back as he pressed his body against the other man’s, grinding their hips together in a way that sent electric currents of pleasure through his body.

Their bodies moved against one another as Danny lifted his arms around the man’s neck, one of his thighs slipping between the taller man’s legs. With a smile, the man pressed their cocks together; his mouth descending on Danny’s kissing him hard. Danny could feel the man’s answering hardness pressing against his.

As the song came to an end, Danny couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the thought of losing his dance partner. The dark stranger man-handled him off the dance floor, pulling him up to the booth in the back of the club. The man’s hands never leaving Danny’s ass.

“What are you drinking?” the man asked a smile still on his face.

“Rum and coke,” Danny replied as he took a seat and the Latino man motioned for one of the waiter’s to bring them both drinks. He than took the seat next to Danny’s their thighs pressing together as he arm snaked around Danny’s shoulders.

“My name is Danny Taylor. What’s yours?” the man asked.

The blond looked at him in surprise. “I’m Danny too… Danny Messer.”

“Please to meet you, Danny…” the brunet said his face leaning closer.

The End for now...

Feedback is appreciated!

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Ooooh, nice! I hope to see more of this soon!

Thank you... I plan to have the guys get much more... 'friendly'.

(Deleted comment)
They are hot, aren't they.

Not sure yet how I'll keep the Danny's straight -- no pun intended. I'll have to maybe make one 'Dan' or just used their last names.

Yum, very hot. Lovely mental image.

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