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Title: Musk
Fandom: J2 RPS AU
Author: michele0013
Disclaimer: Total Fiction!
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Misha
Rating: NC-17 
Beta: None
Summary: Written for this spnkink_meme prompt. Jared finds an unclaimed omega in the woods and precedes to claim him despite the omega protesting he already has a mate.

Jared headed down the dirt path, he hadn’t planned to jog this far out from the main part of the community, but once he got going his endorphins kicked in and he just kept going. He was just starting to slow down and turn around when the smell wafted past him.

It took all of an instant for the scent to hit his brain and his cock instantly harden, his head snapped around and he instantly bounded through the brush until he came to a small cottage. Standing next to a well was the source of the musky scent. Without even stopping to think, Jared bound across the open area and caught the omega around the waist and instantly bit into his neck, marking the beautiful man.

“Stop!” the omega tried to protest, his hands weakly pushing at his shoulders. “I’ve got a mate.”

“You’re not marked!” Jared growled, his hard cock pressing against the man’s hip. He could feel his knot ready to burst with the need to be buried in the man. “This mystery mate must not care too much about you to leave you unmarked and alone during your cycle.”

A part of Jared’s mind knew he shouldn’t but the animal part couldn’t stop himself from his base needs. He yanked at the omega’s clothes, feeling the light shirt and cotton pants tear away with the force of his need.

“Stop,” the omega tried again to protest but the word was less sure.

Jared turned him to stare into the green eyes for a moment. “god, you’re not just hot, you’re beautiful!”

The omega blushed involuntarily at the alpha’s praise and stopped struggling as Jared stripped the last of the clothing that separated them. Jared’s hand slipped down his back and he let his fingers slip into the warm wet heat.

“Fuck! I need to breed you now!”

The omega didn’t struggle as Jared turned him and bent him over the side of the well. Without any more prep than his fingers, Jared mounted him, ramming his cock into the already wet hole till he was buried to the hilt. Jared groaned as he took a moment to catch his breath before he began a punishing speed as he pounded into the now completely inert body beneath him.

“Stop, please…” the omega tried again, his voice losing all force as his body began to press back to meet each of Jared’s hard thrusts.

Jared could feel his knot swelling and each thrust pressing it harder against the omega’s resisting muscles until with almost a pop it forced its way in. The omega let out a moan of pain that quickly evaporated as he tilted his hips up, inviting the alpha to take him deeper. Jared was aware of the omega’s cock filling quickly before releasing his own seed against the side of the well.

Jared lost track of how long he pounded into the unresisting man before he felt himself coming, pouring large amounts of his seed into the man.

“Take it! Take my puppies!” Jared screamed as he thrust through his orgasm, his knot not even beginning to deflate. Jared groaned as he dropped his full weight on the man below him, his teeth sinking in once again into his shoulder.

After a few moments, Jared recovered enough to realize that he might even be hurting the man below him and he managed to lift them both, since they were still tied together and lower them to the ground below. The movement woke his libido, which really hadn’t disappeared even with the first amazing orgasm. Jared rocked his hips, his cock filling completely again.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” Jared asked.

The omega gasped as the alpha’s knot rubbed against his prostate. “Jen… Jensen…” he managed to cry out.

“Jensen, beautiful Jensen… Jenny…” Jared punctuated each word with a thrust as he started to move again with in him. “You’re going to carry my cubs! Be my mate!”

“No…” Jensen moaned. “I have a mate…”

The quiet declaration did nothing but spur Jared into another round of possessive sex. He pounded into him hard, forcing Jensen to his knees and leaning over him again as he drove in, pushing Jensen along the ground as he kept forcing his way in deeper.

“MINE! MINE! MINE!” Jared chanted with each thrust, his knot swelling to the point it felt like it would tear the omega apart. Jensen for his part was again tilting his hips to take him deeper, groaning with need as he offered his submission to the dominate male.

A gasp and a new scent finally penetrated Jared’s brain and he turned to look over his shoulder. Standing at the door of the cottage was another omega. His blue eyes wide with emotions… fear, betrayal… lust.

“Misha!” Jensen moaned, his voice sounding almost wanton with need and pleasure. “I didn’t… mean for this… to happen.”

Jared almost grinned as the pieces of the puzzle dropped into place. Two omega’s living as a couple… neither really claimed and both up for grabs. “Mine!” He growled again as he possessively thrust hard into Jensen again.

Misha took a step towards them, wanting to put a stop to the sight before him but knowing he wouldn’t stand a chance against the powerful alpha. “I know, Jen. Just take it for a little longer and he’ll leave us again.”

Jensen hardened again, his cock filling on its own accord and without being touched. Jensen moaned in pleasure, sounding more delicious than Jared have ever heard before, and as Jensen came he tightened around Jared’s knot almost painfully. Jared let out a triumphant grunt as he once again filled the beautiful omega.

“You’re wrong you know,” Jared said with almost a smirk as he looked back into the blue eyes filled with tears. “I’m not going to leave him alone. I’m going to mate him over and over again until he is so full of my puppies that he can’t even sit up. I’ve claimed him, he’s mine now. My mate!”

Jensen whimpered but knew that even if his mind resisted his body felt claimed but the alpha that still remained knotted to him. Jared threaded his fingers into his short brown hair and turned his head to show Misha the mark on his neck proving his claim.

Misha let out an almost sob as he dropped to the ground next to his naked boyfriend, already mourning the life they had had.

“But maybe…” Jared grinned at Misha. “You could have my puppies too."

The End

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Nice one :D I did like it :D... well with some small changes ...
in my head Jared became jensen (coz you know me .. yuk yuk jared) , then Jensen became misha , and misha became seb :D ... now that is yummy ...

you and your anti-Jared prejudice!

I just have a thing against whiny bitches :P :P

Thanks for your fic again. Love reading top!Jared stories.

Ahahahaha!!! Great last line there!! :-D


i have to love a Jared/Jensen fic...a possessive top!Jared is a hot Jared.

HOT! I love top!Jared fics!
More please...........

Wow! Hot top!Jared is hot!

I'd like to see the acting of the last line though!

I‘d like to

really hot (¯﹃¯)

“But maybe…” Jared grinned at Misha. “You could be my puppies too."

LOL. will there be any further stories?

This was scorching. Love Jared's forceful and possessive claiming...he is too hot that way. And Jensen is just too beautiful to not take it like the perfect bottom that he is!

Awww....sorry Misha, but J2 forever....not so, Jared is soooo greedy and insatiable.

(Deleted comment)
I like Jared's idea at the end. :D
This was hot...Guh...

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