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Jeffrey Dean Morgan icons for 25_50_100

Since I'm addicted to Supernatural.... 25 Jeffrey Dean Morgan icons for the 25_50_100 site and I hope you enjoy them.

Total Icon Count: 25


TEASER! Icon 009 TEASER! Icon 017 TEASER! Icon 022

Icon 001
Icon 002
Icon 003
Icon 004
Icon 005
Icon 006
Icon 007
Icon 008
Icon 009
Icon 010
Icon 011
Icon 012
Icon 013
Icon 014
Icon 015
Icon 016
Icon 017
Icon 018
Icon 019
Icon 020
Icon 021
Icon 022
Icon 023
Icon 024
Icon 025

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Ooh, very nice! Took 12 and 24 and will credit you!

thank you so much, I'm glad you liked them!


Thank you! he makes it easy... or at least fun.

I snagged a BUNCH of these, thank you!

You're welcome... thanks for letting me know you liked them.

Thank you, much appreciated!

took 3 and 8, will credit when use them. Thanx, great job!)

you're welcome to them, glad you liked them:)

Oh my! These are wonderful! I'm taking a bunch and will credit you with use. Thank you.

I appreciate it, thank you for letting me know you liked them!

These are all very nice! :-D

Thank you, he's great subject matter!

omg these are all beautiful, I'm taking a bunch if that's ok. Will credit :D

Thank you so much! I would be happy for you to use them, thank you.

These were SO totally needed! Thank you! ♥

I'm glad you liked them! Thank you for letting me know.

taking 11 and 19, dear! btw, they're all lovely! :D

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked them.

(edited b/c somehow HALF THE SENTENCE I meant to type didn't come out)

These are absolutely STUNNING. I can't stop staring at 8 and 20...

Any chance of a link to the full picture for #8? *innocent smile*

Edited at 2009-07-11 06:22 pm (UTC)

Re: (edited b/c somehow HALF THE SENTENCE I meant to type didn't come out)

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it!

I loaded the picture into my scrap book, so HERE it is!

Re: (edited b/c somehow HALF THE SENTENCE I meant to type didn't come out)

Oh, thank you SO MUCH! *excited bounce* You are my hero!

Re: (edited b/c somehow HALF THE SENTENCE I meant to type didn't come out)

JDM makes it so easy... and the picture is hot.
You're welcome and thanks again.

Yes he is... very pretty!

snagging # 22, will definitely credit!

Lovely. Took a few and will of course credit you when I use them :)

Oh wow!! I've jsut recently gotten JDM-obsessed, and went looking for icons, this is the first I find??? Oh my God, they're perfect! All my fave pics in icon-size. I'm probably snagging 6-7, will credit! Excellent work hon *smishes and thanx*

These are fantastic! So glad I stumbeled on these. Snagged several and will happily credit.

I'm glad you like them! JDM is so hot, can't wait to see his new movie!

Couldn't agree more! "Losers" was fantastic:) I've been watching JDM since 1991 and so happy to finally see him get some recgonition.

19 years is a long time to be drooling over a him... me not quite so long, but I do drool over him!

(holy crap, I graduated from high school in 91... damn I'm getting old!)

Edited at 2010-05-03 09:15 pm (UTC)

LOL! Thats the same yr I graduated!! Sneeks up on you sometimes doesn't it:) Yep my first sighting of JDM was an erotic thriller called uncaged and he played a very naughty boy. Then he did a couple eps on a series called Extremes before doing the big bad on yet another erotic thriller called Undercover. All of which I still have on vhs. My favorite before supernatural though was "Burning Zone" which was a supernatural medical drama and he played a virologist who survived ebola as a child and was touched by God. His Dr. Edward Marcase reminds me of Dean in a lot of ways. Finally got it transferred to dvd and got a couple icons made.

Lovely! Took 8 and 25, will credit when used. :)

YUMMY!!! I love so much!!

Thank you! I actually have 50 more of JDM that I've just put off posting... maybe I should!

See... you inspired me to post the others!

Love those so much I downloaded them all to watch them even when I am offline.

They are gorgeous!

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